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About Us


Based on many years of sales experience and taking into account the constant growth in the demand of Ukrainian buyers for practical, reliable, and at the same time affordable knives, the specialists of IBIS company decided to launch a new line of knives that meet all the requirements.

When creating the range of SKIF knives, both for harsh operating conditions and for everyday carry, the needs and wishes of end users were studied in detail, modern trends in knife design were taken into account, and the latest production technologies were applied.

Knives TM SKIF are produced in a factory equipped with the most technologically advanced facility; therefore, the goods undergo strict quality control at all the stages of production.

Now every customer has the opportunity to choose from the vast assortment of knives TM SKIF the model that will fully meet their needs.

Reliability, quality of manufacture and affordable price are the keys to popularity of SKIF knives on Ukrainian market!