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Knifes presentation for “Hunters Soul” Facebook community


During the meeting of the most popular and well-known Ukrainian hunting Facebook community “Hunters Soul”, which unites all regions and hunters of Ukraine, most known Ukrainian knife brand Skif-knives had its presentation.

Skif-knives is a well-known brand among hunters, fishermen and outdoors man alike, not only in Ukraine, but around the globe. In 2020 Skif-knives presented its new generation of bestsellers, which were presented during the “Hunters Soul” meeting. During the event everyone had a chance to, not only have a look at new knifes, but also test them out during many interesting challenges. Which included chopping of a hemp rope 25mm in width and chopping of plastic bottles with water.

Also, during the presentation everyone were able to test Skif-knives machetes. These machetes are very useful for hunters and fishermen during their activities.

All participants took part in testing and where amused by the quality of Skif- knifes, which once again proved that they are the best mass produced knifes in Ukraine.

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