5Cr18MoV is a low-end steel brand which is used to make kitchen knives and “every-day” blades. Besides, it is used for manufacturing the tourist knives with lower durability requirements. Meanwhile, 5Cr18MoV steel has a good cutting power and rust resistance; it also has fine hardness and durability ratings.

This type of Chinese steel perfectly combines worthy performance characteristics with moderate prices. As a result it is used to manufacture affordable and proper, reliable and durable knives.


High chrome content is the main feature of 5Cr18MoV. The performance characteristics are no worse than those of 420 НС. The blade remains sharp for a long time without a need of frequent re-sharpening; it has a high resistance to moister and other external irritants; it shows a great rust and oxidation resistance, optimal heat resistance and hardness rating. All these features make 5Cr18MoV steel one of the most popular and high-demand.

Knives made of 5Cr15MoV Steel

It can be concluded that blades made of 5Cr18MoV steel can be perfectly used for tourist, hunting and fishing purposes and for every-day exploitation according to 5Cr18MoV steel characteristics. Skif brand distinguishes by using cutting-edge technologies and relevant experience of many years which allow it to release a series of hard and durable, easy to use and maintain models made of 5Cr18MoV.

Knives made of 5Cr18MoV steel, offering throughout thermal and anti-corrosion processing, ergonomic designs and optimal blades’ shapes become reliable, unfailing and long-lasting companions for avid tourists, fishermen, hunters and big fans of high-quality and functional blades.