440C Steel is one of the most famous in the world of stainless steel grades. Among the 400 Steel series, 440C one is clearly superior to 440A and 440B series according to the degree of corrosion resistance. 440C has the highest rate of hardness HRC - 58-60 units according to Rockwelll scale (HRC).

For a long time 440 C is the main stainless steel used for blades of knives manufacture. Therefore, it is namely that 400C is used in the TM Skif knives models manufacture.

440C steel features

440C is solid enough. The carbon content providing primarily hardness in stainless steel of this type ranges from 0.95 to 1.2%. High performance providing by 440C, proves its popularity among the knife manufacturers.

440C steel provides high cutting properties for the cutlery and knives can stay long enough without further sharpening changes. At the same time, it is worth noting the knives resistance to salt corrosion, which is very important for a knife when using outdoors and in high humidity conditions.

440 C Steel characteristics:

Chemical element

% (depending on the manufacturer)

carbon 0.95-1.2
chrome 17-18
manganese 1
vanadium -
molybdenum 0.75
nickel -
silicon 1
sir 0.03
phosphorus 0.04
selenium 0.75

Knives with 440C steel

440C knives will be a good choice for universal, fishing or hunting applications. Although 440C refers to budgetary steels, but with proper heat treatment and applying special coatings, the blades made of this steel is not inferior to more expensive models. 440C is used as well in the sensational 566 Series Skif knives. Models of this series are very powerful, reliable and ergonomic.

Mechanical as well as technological 400C characteristics are very high as compared with many modern ones. Because of this, it still has not lost its position in the market and refers to the classical type of steels, which are always relevant in the production of products.