420 Steel is an affordable brand which is widely used in low-end knives’ manufacturing. Blades made of 420 combine average cutting power with good resistance to external irritants and moister. For this reason 420 is an optimal steel to manufacture knives for submariners, sailors, tourists, fishermen and hunters.

420 has average abilities which require a regular re-sharpening. However, reasonable price, high rust resistance, fine cutting power features ensure a widespread appreciation among knives’ manufacturers as well as among users.


Among physical characteristics of 420 steel there is a low carbon content, about 0,5-0,7%. It makes the blade softer and provokes lower durability to mechanical effects. Careful treatment and gentle use habits can increase knives’ life duration. In addition, well-timed re-sharpening prevents from any troubles and inconveniences.

Knives made of 420 Steel

Despite unimpressive characteristics of 420, the knives made of this steel occupied a firm position in low-end part of the relevant market. Such products are popular among tourists, fishermen, hunters, active lifestyle fans and travelers who need have at hand a reliable and unfailing companion which always helps in the all simple everyday tasks.

Knives of 420 steel represent a pretty good combination of an affordable price, cutting abilities and high rust resistance.