Can SKIF knives be qualified as cold weapon?

All models of SKIF knives have passed certification in Ukraine and have been qualified as household knives.

Where are SKIF knives produced?

To make SKIF knives as affordable for Ukrainian customers as possible all manufacturing facilities have been sited in China. However, this does not mean there is any decrease in the quality of goods whatsoever. The factory is equipped with the latest modern equipment, blades and hilts are processed on CNC machines, the formation of a cutting edge and assembly are carried out manually. The knives are being produced under strict quality control at all stages and every fourth blade is being tested for Rockwell scale hardness.

What kind of steel is used in SKIF knives?

To produce SKIF knives we mainly use medium carbon 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This relatively cheap type of steel is easy processed while it can reach the same limit of hardness as 58 HRC steel blade. There is also a limited edition of models produced from high-strength CPM-D2 steel powder. 8Cr13MoV steel blades can retain their cutting characteristics for quite a long time, they are resistant to external factors and can be easily sharpened even in the field.

What if the knife breaks down?

Our workshop has all necessary equipment and spare parts. Our highly qualified specialists are ready to do all the repairing works necessary. It is possible to replace your knife for a new one directly from the manufacturer if necessary.

What is the warranty on SKIF knives?

The warranty on all SKIF knives is 6 months. Guarantee and after guarantee service is provided by our workshop which has all necessary equipment.