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Welcome to the catalog of Ukrainian Skif brand. We work hard to make our products bring you comfort. High-quality materials and outstanding manufacturing process guarantee that your knife will serve you for a long time.

Skif knives are well represented in our online store catalog. Here you will find not only easy navigation but also the best service.

Take a look at our huge selection of knives for hunting, camping and self-defense. Since the first days Skif knives have grown into one of the most respected and popular brands with a passion for innovation and high quality.

Buy Skif knives in Ukraine

You can buy a Skif knife at our place and get yourself a superior quality at affordable price.

Skif knives Ukraine is first Ukrainian brand of mass-produced knives, which has earned a widespread popularity and has given a head start in its price segment. Product development has taken into account the wishes and requirements of exactly Ukrainian consumers: durability and reliability of framework, usability and durability of the cutting edge and affordable price of the product for the consumer.

Despite the fact that our factory production is located in China, the product quality is not sacrificed. Skiff is an excellent example of it. One of the most evident proofs for that are positive feedbacks from the fans of our blade products who had already tested its advantages. No matter what you do: surviving in the wild, cooking in the kitchen, rescue hostages from the enemy captivity or throwing knives, Skif knives with its abundant variety of models will always come to the rescue.

Skif evolves in the production step by step not only functionally and technically, but also in design and style of its products. When you hold the Skif knife in your hand, you know that you hold the quality. Our company is always in search of innovation and development to find the right materials and steel. All blades are ergonomic and comfortably fit in the hand during cutting. At this moment, you can buy Skif knives in Ukraine on our website.

Skif knives catalog - prices and photos

Skif knives catalog presents folding knives, knives with a fixed blade, and even Skif brand machete.

Here you can watch Skif knives photos for different purposes: for everyday wear, for travel, tactical, throwing, knives for kitchen.

Only we have Skif knives prices that are affordable, we’ve got the best service and quality guarantee!

Bladed weapon Skif - legal provisions

According to current law, citizens of Ukraine have the right to keep and carry knives for household purposes without the permission of the Interior Ministry. But carrying and storing cold weapons requires permission. Definition of cold weapons can be found in a document called “The technique of forensic investigation of cold weapons and structurally similar products”.

When you buy Skif cold weapon in our store, you receive professional assistance on how to use, register, purchase and store the knife.